…but why does solo travel make YOU a better you, is there another way?

There are thousands of posts about why travelling, in particular alone, can make you a more positive and happy person that enjoys life to the fullest. But why does it have this affect? Why does it change you? I am going to explain what I believe we get from this experience that makes us grow as a person so that the people who aren't lucky enough to travel can try other ways to gain that insight into this new found happiness.

I won't lie, I am one of those people who think travelling helps you to live more in the present and appreciate life. But I also don't want people to think this is the only way. It's a lot to do with being taken out of your comfort zone where you are forced to meet new people and try new things - this is a huge factor in becoming a more confident and understanding person.

I bet most of you have thought at least once about the millions of other twitter users who are funnier than you, the Instagram girls who are prettier than you, the super rich people who are living the life you deserve...these thoughts are completely normal but they stem from living in a world where you only see everyone's 'perfect' moments. When you travel, your so focussed on what your doing that you begin to stop worrying so much about what everyone else is doing and this helps you to feel happier with the life you are living.

It’s a lot to do with being taken out of your comfort zone where you are forced to meet new people and try new things

You start feeling more in touch with yourself, more confident and understanding more about you when your faced with meeting new people everyday. I guess you can tell if your a good person by the people you attract and if your liked by complete strangers, it's definitely a good sign that your doing something right.

It's all well and good me telling you how amazing it is and what it does to your mind and soul, but some people don't get the opportunity to experience it. It's just too damn hard to find that sort of money whilst trying to live, work, eat and socialise and for those people it's not even a possibility.

The issues you face in life stem from where you live, what sort of environment you grow up in, what your parents expect from you and how your friends treat you. You start making decisions that might be based on other peoples opinions and you form a path that seems to keep everyone happy. But you are missing something - you feel like there's more out there. And you wonder why you just spent the whole evening gormlessly staring at your phone screen.

When you travel solo, you make a new decision every day that is based mostly on what you want to do, achieve, see, feel and hear. The more you do this, the more natural it becomes. You realise that actually doing these things makes you feel amazing, free and invigorated. To keep this feeling going you have to keep your mind alive and kicking. And it helps when you surround yourself with people who support you and don't try to stop you through jealousy or selfishness.

To keep this feeling going you have to keep your mind alive and kicking


Tayrona Park - beach

It's not just travellers who have this mentality though which brought me to thinking about what actually makes us 'live more'. I came across hundreds of people on my travels that lived in the countries I was visiting and due to their culture and upbringing, they had a different mindset and way of living. They would meet up with friends instead of spending an evening watching TV, They wouldn't focus their attention on a world filtered to look perfect, they would constantly be learning new things or unleashing their creativity and that's what made these people 'live in the moment' and what made them find their happiness.

Become that dream and create your own path

You just have to work out what it is that makes you feel alive again, and no matter what it takes, go ahead and just do it. Become that dream and create your own path. The more you do for yourself and love what you do, the more positivity you will attract and the better your life will become.

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