Travel solo – find the purest part of you

Travelling solo comes with anxiety, excitement and fear. Before you make the decision to go it alone, you consider so many scenarios and sometimes this can stop you from taking that life changing step out of reality.

Traveling can bring out the inner, most purest part of you.

You have a decent job, family, friends, a car, maybe even some money saved but what direction are you heading? You can save a deposit for a flat or a house, you can settle down with your recent successful tinder date, you can party, shop, have luxurious holidays or do whatever your heart desires but for some there’s something else you need. Traveling can bring out the inner, most purest part of you and the adventure and newness of everything leaves you invigorated and full of a new motivation to succeed without the need to follow conformity.

In the wave of self help books, detoxifying diet fads and yoga of all varieties it seems the world is on a path to become a better version of themselves. But we are all full of worry, expectations, the struggle to be accepted, jealousy of the person leading that perfect life on Instagram and more which is slowly turning us into a nation plagued with depression and anxiety in even the most confident of us.

What is ‘reality’ anyway?

My advice…go full pelt into what can only be described as a yolo moment. Take life by the bloody balls and squeeze them until you no longer need a reason to just smile. Your mind is filled with new friends, new experiences, new dreams, new confidence and even the determination to learn something you never thought you had the ability to do. Like a language or even the ukulele – there’s a whole world full of talented young Argentinian travelers who can show you the way…honestly I have never known a country to be more full of inspiring musicians and jewelry makers than these guys! But you know, they have a point…why do we need to live a life of 9-5 jobs where your dreams and imagination are slowly drowned by logic and calculations. What is ‘reality’ anyway?


Find the purest part of you - featured
If I got given a pound for every time I heard; ‘when are you coming back to reality?’, ‘But your not in the real world’, ‘You can’t live like this forever’, well I could travel for the rest of my life on that income. What people don’t realize is that this is a lifestyle and a decision that doesn’t come lightly. It’s something you do purely for the love of doing it and it becomes your own ‘reality’.
…just talk for the sake of talking, be without needing acceptance…
What struck me most during my trip, probably because they were areas of my life that I was lacking in due to living in a country like England and working in a stressful job, was freedom and the intense sociability I encountered. It was nice to just talk for the sake of talking, be without needing acceptance and most importantly to just live the way that kids do – completely and utterly immersed in that exact moment – enjoying the breeze in your hair, the sun or rain on your skin, the sand or mountain beneath your feet. Lucky enough to live in an era where you can get to almost every destination you could possibly want to visit you have to take advantage. So if you can spare some time and money, embrace the moment in your life that feels right and leave the lifestyle you currently lead behind. Even if it is just to refresh your mind for four months, you’ll come back reborn with a new view of who you are and what you want to do. A world full of content people is better than one lead by Trump.
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